Death of a School

NICOLE MILLER from Los Angeles: “Death of a School (Requiem)” 2014

Single Channel video 8’ 7”

“The last day in the school my mother thought in for 20 years before the building was shut down forever.” N.M.



 © Nicole Miller



As far as I know, images don’t commit videocide, they aren’t leaves. Not seasonal. Especially video images of these days that are anchored in numbers, highly defined, forced to compete for the best reproduction of real life. I’m trying to cool down the surge of emotions your art brought up in my senses and I’m not succeeding. Why should I? I’m not an image. Someone wrote that Romanticism represents the interior truth of human nature. I stay with him.

Robert Schumann’s music tricks me. Piano, forte, chiaro, scuro, adagio, fortissimo. Musical language is almost naturally Italian. You made it Nicole, I don’t want to know how technically you made it, the visual poem is so well modulated that it sounds soft, pervaded by untold questions, sensual pleasure along with an undefined sense of loss of reality, so that feet can fly and bodies appear weightless. The opposite of Bill Viola’s slow motion, asking for attention and resolution. It’s driven by hidden motions of your soul, it’s your own take of that day.

Among ups and downs of light and sounds, in focus, blurred, all the people of that memorable day burn their videotime in mid-air, they dance their goodbye. People and places look real and they are not. Fleeting and ungraspable like the mood, hands with nothing to hold on to.

I’m extremely grateful and happy that you made this artwork for The Kite. Up to you to compare your video art to the early times of this young tree. I went back to clarify my impressions, this is what I found:


 Nam June Paik, 1976


Much confusion about today’s video art comes from the lack of categories to distinguish “good and boring art” from “bad and boring art.” Boredom itself is far from being a negative quality. It is rather a sign of aristocracy in Asia. And again this confusion stems from the confusion about input-time and out-put time.

Willoughby Sharp 1976

I use video as a knife to cut to the heart of the matter and the matter is me.

Joan Jonas 1972-76

I think of the work in term of imagist poetry; disparate elements juxtaposed … alchemy.

Shigeko Kubota 1976

Video is Vengeance of Vagina / Video is Victory of Vagina /  Video is Venereal Disease of Intellectuals / Video is Vacant Apartment / Video is Vacation of Art / Viva Video …

Ed Emshwiller 1975

For me video is like painting, immediate.

For me video is like film, a collaborative art.

For me video is like dance, a sensual pleasure.

For me video is a series of questions.

For me video is a process of discovery.

For me video is the most exciting medium I know.

Tom Dewitt 1976

Can light be codified in some equivalent to musical theory? … As I navigate this flood I realize that dada has given way to data, that video art is the other side of the keyhole cut in the wall of art history by the black canvas and the exploding sculpture.

Juan Dawney 1976

Video, more clearly than any other art material or procedure brought my aesthetic endeavors closer to political and social issues.

The unconscious of a person contains the memories of many.