Newspaper Reading Club, New York – Poster Project 2014

“Connor and Paludan ask participants to read from newspapers and periodicals of their choice, as they normally would, but to verbalize the process of skimming, commenting and personal editorializing that naturally occurs. A recording is made of the participants as they read through articles and make accompanying comments. These recordings are later transcribed to produce texts which become personalized documents of wider political trends, and which make visible the structures by which information is transmitted and absorbed. Through this process each edition of the Newspaper Reading Club comes to speak to the location in which it is held and the particular events present on the day of the reading.” 

To this official presentation I add that names of the readers are NOT given to the public. Posters merge into the texture of anonymous words hung and painted all around the passers by. Silent, unappealingly black and white, they are “a space of detachment,” as if they had given up having a body. Large pages, expanded leaves, they are not supposed to last. Marginal thoughts of unofficial readers. Their form is made with random and temporary reactions to the news daily printed. But THE READING MAKES THEM: which happens with no rules, each person cuts and runs on the pages following a sort of visual instinct, often masking the text with a texture of secret, unclear patterns. And words become crazy machines dispersing printed and uttered thoughts, a collective voice brought back to a fluid current, impersonal, fleeting. If the posters’ readers have questions, they become part of the flowing, of a FLUXUS perhaps? (R.A.)



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