Grammar of Hope – Andante con moto

About ANA PRVACKI  —  Thanking George Steiner

Art has many ways of being female, squeezing dreams into the work. Day after day, Ana picks up with the tip of her pencil the early morning sparkles of feelings not yet dissolved by the light, and still clear in her flesh. The pressure of reality isn’t heavy, not yet. To draw these remnants of semiconscious visions, added to pages of musical scores, is a grateful thanks to the sensual keys of our lives. (R.A.)

“Woman alone can construct and parse the grammar of hope. She can speak, she can write about he morning light on the day after her funeral or about the ordered pace of the galaxies a billion light-years after the extinction of the planet.” (A text by George Steiner with my arbitrary translation into a feminine mode. R.A.)

ANA PRVACKI, J. S.  Bach, Siciliana, 2014

ANA PRVACKI, Poetry vs. finance, 2014

ANA PRVACKI, Debussy, 2014

ANA PRVACKI, Modest score, 2014

“We are, at key instants, strangers to ourselves, errant at the gates of our own psyche. We knock blindly at the doors of turbulence, of creativity, of inhibition within the terra incognita of our own selves. What is more unsettling: we can be, in ways almost unendurable to reason, strangers to those whom we would know best, by whom we would be best known and unmasked.” (George Steiner)

If much of poetry, music and the arts aims to ‘enchant’ -and we must never strip that word of its aura of magical summons- much also, and of the most compelling, aims to make strangeness in certain respect stranger. It would instruct us of the inviolate enigma of the otherness in things and in animate presences. Serious painting, music, literature or sculpture make palpable to us, as do no other means of communication, the unassuaged, unhoused instability and estrangement of our condition.” (George Steiner)

ANA PRVACKI, Debussy, IV. Recueillement, 2014

ANA PRVACKI, Making love with Debussy, 2014

ANA PRVACKI, Annon, 2014

ANA PRVACKI, Annon, 2014

—HypnoErotic watch (For Man Ray)

This HypnoErotic Watch alters the way we look at Mother time. Could we experience each passing moment as nourishing rather than depleting? Surrealist, titillating, time keeping in your pocket. (A.P.)