New Zealand with an Italian Accent

 — on the wings of the artists —


by Rosanna Albertini

N.1 of the Collection The Red Thread

Oreste & Co. Publishers, Los Angeles, First edition  September 2010 


COVER: © 2010 Christopher Wilde; TEXT: © 2010 Rosanna Albertini; PHOTOGRAPHS: Peter Kirby, Rosanna Albertini, Alberto Albertini; DRAWINGS: © 2010 Tawera Tahuri

It’s a hand-made book designed, sewn by hand and published by the same person who wrote it. 


A book is a loaf of time sliced in pages. Filled with condensed life, a book is no different from a hard boiled egg. Pages are there to be eaten by eyes, sometimes by lips.

This book is filled with two years of life among artists, mainly in Los Angeles and in New Zealand, and briefly in Mexico. Two months were spent in New Zealand during three different travels, absorbing late colonial relics, visiting artists’ studios and meeting the Maori people of the land in their own territories, rituals, and practice of an oral culture.

A scholar of eighteenth century philosophy and a journalist for a substantial time,  now immersed in American life, I chose to accept all my previous experiences as a writer, my Italian backbone, as well as my recent discovery of American prose and poetry in my new world. I had to work on my english as a mad woman; I looked for cultural adaptation, assimilation. Big mistake. In New Zealand, far from Los Angeles, I realized how deeply Italian I am. While the concept itself of native country often dissolves in a long, widely spread texture of migrations, our personal awareness takes the time she can, she works like a magnet calling to needles all around her. I let my stories come and enter the book in a narrative mode, much more free and sparkling than my own thoughts. Philosophical tales and narrative journalism held hands for the time of writing; they made me the happiest writer, and perhaps the most skeptical.


1.   April 2008 —  Birds and crocodiles, a place without antiquity.  9

2.   October 2008 — From books to Maori art of writing and reading faces.   23

3.   Stories of beauty and maternity across art history,  from Italy to Aotearoa via Los Angeles.  51

4.   August 2009 — Graveyards,  Nativity  69

5.   Names 101


Limited edition of 100 numbered and signed.  7″ x 8 1/2″  143 pages.

 18 copies available PRIZE: $150



The author with a group of Maori elders



Rosanna Albertini, New Zealand with an Italian Accent