LIFE PIERCING ART     A book of Portraits and Self-Portraits

by Rosanna Albertini

N.3 of the collection THE RED THREAD

ORESTE & Co. Publishers, Los Angeles  First edition: May 2013


Nine portraits of women, nine artists finding in art-making the core of their own lives: Kim Abeles, Simone Forti, Dominique Moody, Hilja Keading, Karen Carson, Kristin Calabrese, Erin Cosgrove, Rachel Mason, Dawn Kasper. They squeezed from their liquid substance fruits that do not grow in nature, and visions that history would not welcome. Yet, they are in the world, sharing the same reality as everybody else. Their portraits are in words, the self-portraits in images.

It’s a hand-made book designed, sewn by hand and published by the same person who wrote it. 

Limited edition of 100 copies numbered and signed, 7″ x 8.1/2″. 200 pages. Each book is unique. I did it by permutating the combination of colors between the thread and the sheets of paper in the cover. Cover designed by Hannah Kirby. Editor and proof reader: Rosamund Felsen.

50 copies available  PRICE $ 150





Rosanna Albertini, LIFE PIERCING ART,