About Rosanna Albertini

I am an Italian writer who went to Los Angeles thirty years ago. I followed my “American in Paris” and stayed, spellbound by the big sky.

I am a scholar who became a journalist, a journalist who turned into an art-writer and curator, moved from the eighteenth-century philosophy to contemporary art, and from Italy to France to California, where research and teaching (UCLA, USC, OTIS College of Art and Design) joined with writing and and craftwork.

My blog, THE KITE, is my most recent experience as a writer: six years building a family tree about art and life: the artists in my family surrounded by a great many artists of different countries. All artists I consider worth meeting for any kind of reader. THE KITE is not for specialists, is addressed to those who love the arts. It’s a lunch table for sharing the best possible food.  To know in detail about my previous work,  go to my web site: http://www.albertini.ws

I also became a writer who publishes and makes by hand her own books. In a near future they will be available for sale in this blog.

2 thoughts on “About Rosanna Albertini

  1. What a lovely tribute to Sylvia’s mother! Sylvia’s photos are gorgeous as always and your blog is wonderful as well..a perfect blending! Elena

  2. Dear Rosanna, Your post about Jane and connection to my Gwyneth brought joy, pain and tears to my eyes. Gwyneth call you her special desert friend. We would love to connect with you, stay in touch, have you in our home to cook and create with you. Gwyn has her flower hanging over her bed and another one on the rearview mirror in my car. Our connection is meaningful and I am grateful. Love Gwyneth, Emily, Christian and Jane

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