Zuma News

SIMONE FORTI  from Los Angeles, Spring 2014

 Zuma News

Like waking from dream, some visual graphic of thought lingers, usually of two thoughts, how to arrange them, which comes first to be told. The constitution, a three dimensional representation. How does activity, human activity form and how can I visualize it to get a general picture, understanding. Tai Chi. How the action of the hand is powered and steered by the belly. The polis. Is the polis the belly? And what is all the crackling of cyber activity? New force, new, new . . . What is money? Money has not been power in all times and situations. But the government gives power to money. Corporations with rights given, upheld by the Supreme Court. Supreme. To have laws the polis, the belly, agrees on. Religion and laws, deeply felt laws, different from one people to another people. Mountain people. Ocean faring people.


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Stills from a single channel video, Zuma News, by Simone Forti and Jason Underhill, 2014. Courtesy of both artists and The Box Gallery

But cyber activity and now the end of limitless resources. And the strength of a nation’s surface tension, as of a drop of water separate from another drop. The chemistry within. Why does the economy need to grow?! Yes, I know, unemployment. But even when unemployment’s not a problem, the speed of transactions, the exchange of stuff for money is seen to be needing to grow. What’s the need for it to be growing? And the destabilization of the system, the planet earth system that supports us, doesn’t that increase as the economy grows? And if we can back away from the current course, who will be the losers? And how will that be decided, is being decided? So economics and ecology, the systems of thought . . . how we hide thoughts, get dizzy at the edges where those systems of thought engage, try to engage each other. Power. Power to be those who are rich, who are safe. Who eat raspberries in November while forgetting . . .