Los Angeles – MAUREEN SELWOOD searching for her mother’s interior life

 “Her drawings to me are a link to the real world (she just drew the world close to her). Her images stay at a very elementary level, as though she still had something to correct about her understanding.” M.S. 




This is “a posthumous collaboration between Maureen Selwood and her mother, Eileen Dympna Selwood (née Helene Neylon), who left behind at the time of her death hundreds of drawing pads filled with images created over forty years. Eileen was the youngest of twelve children, and grew up in rural poverty on the west coast of Ireland. She joined a convent in the late 30s in Dublin, but did not remain there. She married and came to America. Whenever she crossed the Irish Sea she wrote on a travel card that her name was Dympna, the patron saint of mental illness. Her brother said she suffered from hallucinations, both vIsual and auditory. But her condition was never given a name. She remained very religious and performed devotions. She also drew.” – James Galvin




1. Rosewater        2. Maureen Selwood, Danae 2014            3. Eve         


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