A studio-house on wheels with birds in the star lamp. (Temporarily stationed under construction at the Zorthian Ranch, Altadena, CA)

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A STUDIO-HOUSE ON WHEELS with BIRDS in the star lamp.(Temporarily stationed under construction at the Zorthian Ranch, Altadena, CA)

Dominique Moody is different from a tree only because she can carry roots in her body, and roll them up in her mind, and pull them out to complete her art. She moved 45 times. From now on, she will be on the road all the time, a nomad.

One morning, at the insurance company: “I would like to insure my truck.” “Who is the driver?” “I don’t drive; actually, I am legally blind.” “But, are you the owner?” “Yes, I am.” “Who will be driving?” “My brother.” “Where does he lives?” “Upstate New York.”

Dominique had bought a 1950 F 5 Ford truck, thinking of adding to the truck a trailer supporting a 20’ by 8’ custom made little house. And she asked for two plates: NOMAD 45 and NOMAD 46, the names of her art piece in motion: the studio-house NOMAD. Nomad is the the work of a woman who holds on to the idea of a home as if it was a hat threatened by a windy day. The house, as the hat, will follow her no matter where. She has made her own shell. As the travel will start, in a few months, she will leave behind the works she produces, marking the fact that she has passed by. The shell on wheels is meant to be an open laboratory. Art and life in motion with old and new friends she might encounter, to receive and give back the feeling that each single life makes sense as the sound of a melody, for the most part dispersed.

Around Easter, one of the lamps recently installed in the porch of the NOMAD showed dry weeds and threads sticking out of the metal star. The inside of the lamp had become a nest. Mother bird determined to join her songs and her kids’ voice to the human noise during the construction. Here they are.

Link to Dominique’s blog: http://thenomad45.tumblr.com